Saturday, January 2, 2010


2010 is here. i always shy away from making resolutions as i shamefully and generally break them during the second week of january. i have been reflecting though on how much can happen in a span of 12 months. really so much can happen within 12 days. i'm thankful for all the wonderful people and places that i've gotten to experience during the past year.

i have no concrete resolutions this new year's season, but i am coming in with three hopes.

i hope that i am able to fully embrace the new experiences and people that come into my life this year...

i hope that i can stand tall and be brave with joy...

my friend from botswana loves the phrase, Basali ba a pepana, which translates as, "women cradle each other". i hope that during this next year my loved ones will continue to cradle each other...

wishing everyone a magical new year's season!

photocredit: jodi cobb and leslie alsheimer

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