Monday, January 4, 2010

wonderful world wednesdays

as 2010 begins i've been thinking a lot about all the amazing women and men in my life. this has been a tumultuous year and through it all i've really found such support and have grown so much in my friendships. although people are capable of such intense levels of cruelty, i also firmly believe that the greatest strongholds of hope in our world are found in the kind and wonderful things that people and communities do everyday.

in the spirit of these thoughts i will be highlighting someone who is impacting the world in an innovative and moving way each week. wednesdays are for me generally very difficult. i get the mid-week slump and feel the need to either flee my office desk or take a nap on my keyboard. i almost always need inspiration on wednesdays.

so welcome "wonderful world work wednesdays". i'll begin this wednesday. does anyone have people they would like to see highlighted? i always love learning about the creative ways people impact change!

photocredit: jodi cobb

1 comment:

  1. dear becca ann,

    this is inspired. thank you for the idea! i'll be following it. i'd like to nominate vindana shiva (sp?) the Indian food activist. she changes the world.



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