Thursday, January 28, 2010

bombshell birthing

my friend amelia is going to give birth in march. her belly is growing more round and magical everyday. we set a small pot of flowers on her and were delighted to find out that it did not fall off. she is her own mantelpiece!

amelia has decided that there is no reason to go into the birthing room afraid or somber. she will be wearing a red feather boa. i love this. she'll be huffin' and puffin' with sass...

here's to bombshell birthing!

photocredit: {aidanlove}


  1. this is completely delightful!

    how i want a baby to wrap in boas!

  2. that is *awesome*.

    and p.s. yay- your blog is awesome!!

  3. Seriously love this. Way to have some Pizazz! Woo!

    LOVE YOU miss becca:)


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