Friday, January 15, 2010

concept of joostiness

so last year my housemates, the extraordinary bryan and annie, and i started receiving mail for the previous tenants of our oakland apartment. they were sisters and their last name was joost.

the received many things and we began to construct an elaborate story about their life and particular social demographic. we were postal anthropologists. we also clearly are people who had a touch too much time on our hands.

so as we kept receiving mail the term joosty was born.

photocredit: shamlessly stolen from anthropologie.

the rough definition (because having a concrete definition for this would not be joosty at all):

Joosty (j-u-s-t-e): to be a person who revels in all things yippie and urban. to appreciate urban warehouses and community gardens, but have a shocking love of expensive cuisine and anthropologie clothing. to live in quickly gentrifying neighborhoods and to care about disenfranchised people. to look like you have hand make everything in your life including your spices. to love death cab for cutie and farmers' markets.

joosty is the new juicy.

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  1. this is one of the funnier things i have read. haha. i totally know who you mean and might just be one of the joosties!


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