Monday, January 11, 2010

what if...

any major historical decision had gone differently? when i'm sitting at work and mentally unplugging from my daily tasks i often think about various peices of our history. what if a certain group of political and religious refugees had not traveled to a certain land? what if a piece of really influential legislation had never been written?

there are no answers to these questions, but they get my imagination churning and often provide the space to more fully understand thet way in which our lives are interwoven with all that has come before us.

i just finished an alternative history, 1,000 White Women. it explores a particularly fascinating piece of US history when various Native American nations were attempting to integrate into the white world and propsed that the US government send 1,000 white women to intermarry. this did not happen, but in this book the writer explores what might have happened if the exchange had gone through.

it is a heart breaking, thought provoking novel. it's a good book to read on a cold winter's day...

photo: my lovely great grandmother freida

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  1. what a wonderful photo and idea. i was looking for a book.


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