Thursday, January 7, 2010

crimson on snow

our blizzard broke this morning and the bright colorado sun came beaming out. the roads were slick and the temperatures low. i visited my favorite coffee spot in town, stellas, and sat in front of their incredible mini fire pits sipping chai. it was bliss.

my mind flitted around to all sorts of daily frivolities like, "i wonder if i need more anti-freeze? should i paint my nails red today? maybe after work i'll make a pie, or maybe i'll have a movie snuggle night..." my most favorite musing though was about a scarf that i am trying to make. my fingers are slowly learn how to speak fluently with my needles and yarn. i am hoping to create something like the loveliness pictured above. i'm very taken with red scarves against the bright snow.

do you all have favorite winter colors?

photocredit: smittenkitten at etsy

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