Sunday, January 10, 2010


hi lovelies,

i hope everyone had exciting and restful weekends. my saturday flew by.i took another trip up to the ice skating rink and i'm getting a bit better at balancing on ice, but i'm not quite sure when i'll be up for attempting the "inner circle". the most skillful skaters all seem to twirl and twist about the center of the rink as us novice skaters fumble and bumble awkwardly around them. the birds looking down must think that ice skating is some bizarre collective worship dance or mating ritual.

i have to confess that today i am struggling with the blues. i've got the sniffles and i am attempting to make sense of pieces of my life that i have little control over. do you sometimes feel this need to have everything be in order?

so today and tomorrow i will try to:

release, appreciate my wonderful friends, rest, and create...

and drink tea, tons of tea.

photocredit: celestephotography

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