Sunday, October 31, 2010

carmelized apple quiche, dried herbs on the line, babies at the door


dried herbs,


the scariest haunted house of all time. fortunately for me one of my best friends held my hand the whole time. nervous system is not cut out for haunted houses.

the denver botanical gardens,

ham and apple quiche,


munchkins knocking at the door,

and some practical magic, yes i love this movie. it's shameful and i don't care. i do not like scary witches or sprightly pastel colored witches, but i'm a sucker for the brand of witch that lives in a big old house by the ocean, is an off the book botanist, bakes big crusty loaves of bread, is clarvoyant, and drinks a little too much red wine. yes this is my type of witch and thus...practical magic.

hope you have a lovely halloween duckies.

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