Thursday, January 14, 2010


confession, i am a crier in joy and in sadness. i have a great appreciation of tears. last night was a big crying night. the images of Haiti are devastating. i was nauseous. on one hand there is nothing that we can do as small people in this big world. on the other hand we can pray, we can collectively grieve, we can give what we have to the organizations that are most effectively helping on a grassroots level.

i've been told that partners in health as well as wycelf jean's org use money most effectively on the ground in Haiti.

there are no solutions, but there is empathy and there are many people working as hard as they possibly can to bring some peace and light to this devastation...

photocredit: {nellie vin}


  1. It is amazing how people from all over the world are flocking towards Haiti. Thanks for you heart for Haiti. I cried too!

  2. your note is very touching,what a beautiful way to express your feelings about Haiti. It is indeed a devastating situation, I am in awe of the amazing response of so many people.



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