Monday, January 4, 2010

the scarf

it has been quite a long monday and i'm decompressing by drinking some incredible anise tea. our center was packed full of clients today. most of them were really friendly and added to the community, but we had a few members of our lobby that threw some fairly large fits this afternoon. i really can't say that i blame them though.the mountain states are being hit very hard by the recession and most people that we see daily are struggling just to secure enough food and warmth to survive. in fact i am awe inspired by the resiliency that i witness in most families that come in for services.

today i returned from lunch after some difficult interractions with families who have really reached their financial and emotional limits to find a sweetly wrapped gift on my desk. a client had knitted me a scarf. it appears that the yarn and fabric used is probably recycled from things that she took apart. this woman who literally has no material goods with which to provide for her family and who is battling homelessness in rocky mountain winter took the time and used the resources to extend this gift. i was moved. i continue to feel moved. it's funny how little things like scarves sometimes mean a whole lot.

so on that note, good night day, good night moon, hello pillow...

Photo Credit: Etsy Shop: Flora's Finest...check these out!

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  1. Sometimes I think that the recession is just this thing that I read about in the New York Times. I am so financially fortunate. I forget that people live in poverty. It must be hard to work in that environment all the time, but growing and stretching as well. It sounds like that is a special client and you are a special advocate.


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