Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cardamom coffee

i woke up this morning with a deep appreciation of my down comforter. there is an icy wind blowing today and all i wanted to do was stay in bed. in fact i've recently started referring to this daily battle as wintertime morning syndrome, WMS. fortunately i was able to rouse myself and make cardamom coffee, which always revives me from dreamland.

i am part greek/turkish so cardamom coffee is a favorite in my family. have any of you had it? it is a divine remedy to WMS...


  1. That looks lovely! Can you give me the recipe?!?!?!

  2. yes, recipe please! by the way, i love love love your blog. (discovered it through a friend of a friend of yours, lorena luz?) :) you write beautifully.

  3. hi sweet ladies! i shall post the recipe tonight.

    nina, i love love love your blog too! that is great that lorena contacted you. she emailed me last night about how much she was enjoying reading through your posts...what a lovely blogging world this is!


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