Monday, January 11, 2010

love note #2: virginia and patrick

happy monday lovelies! it is time for lovenote installment #2...

this story is taken from one of the dear volunteers at my work, virginia. she is retired and her husband passed away last year after many decades of marriage. she is a dedicated volunteer and makes me excited for all the stages of my life. last week we were able to sit down for a cup of coffee during a slow day and she shared with me a bit of her own love story.

virginia is saucy. she is sweet, but firm. she wears a shocking amount of blush and has the most seasonally appropriate sweaters that you've ever seen. she is totally and completely herself. last week in response to a client saying, "that sure is a bright red dress!" virginia threw her head back laughing and said, "this is my one life to live. i've lived it fully everyday. i wear what i love. who knows if crimson is going to be a color in heaven! i have to take full advantage of it now." i think this woman is fabulous.

she was also one of the members of the All American Women's Baseball League. virginia played for the Racine Belles in her youth. she met her husband while traveling with the team. he was a young reporter assigned to cover the women's league as a sort of joke by the older men working on his paper. he had deep auburn irish hair and freckles and virginia said that he was "cheeky". patrick's first story was about viriginia's incredible home run at teh beginning of the season. after interviewing her he asked if he could take her for a hamburger. virgina turned him down. she continued to turn him down the entire season.

right before the last game patrick showed up in the dressing room with a bouquet made of little baseball bats. he declared his love saying, "virginia this is the last advance i will make. the season is almost over. you are more beautiful everyday. i want to make a little baseball team with you someday. what do you think?" virginia walked over to patrick and kissed him. as virginia said, "when you find a man who substitutes baseball equipment for flowers, well ladies, you just have to keep him."

they spent their life together. virginia misses patrick very much and still has the mini baseball bat bouquet.

what a couple.

photocredit: allamericanleague

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