Friday, January 22, 2010

deep in the bones

sometimes on friday mornings i like to linger in dream land. this morning i woke up early, drew the curtains so i could see the sunrise,put on some william primrose, and got back into bed. william primrose plays the viola with the simple artistry of a pastry chef. each small movement is significant and every time the bow brushes the strings i forget why language is crucial and understand why in the face of all things logical i love a well crafted poem.

i grew up playing viola and although i'm quite amateur delight in the resonating tones of this unique instrument. i love words, but the viola's songstress powers silence me. the notes of the viola live deep in my bones.

photocredit: {mourner'sphotos}


  1. your posts are delightful becca ann!

  2. when i play the cello this is how i feel. do you have other suggsetions of good viola music?


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