Sunday, January 10, 2010

a needle and a thread, a bushel and a peck

i love watching people who are skilled in the arts of sewing and embroidery. they have dexterous and magical hands. recently i have been learning how to do detail work on wedding dresses. i'm quite new to this craft and my fingers are slowly learning how to speak to the fabric. i can't wait until i can stitch while carrying on a conversation. for now though it is my hands' solitary and meditative practice.

i have been working on some detailing for a woman. she wishes to replicate the style that one of her dear friends used on her wedding dress. just a little something fun for you before bedtime...

good night weekend, good night moon, hello pillow,
becca ann


  1. Slow hands or not you are skilled. I have a sewing machine, but it is decorative. I have fantasies about sewing, but have never done it. Maybe I'll take your advice to "embrace" and "sing my brave song" this year and sew.

  2. I have a blog crush on you. Keep writing. I hope that your blue day has gotten better.


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