Wednesday, December 30, 2009

flower district

good morning duckies,

one of my most favorite morning places in the world is the LA flower market. i grew up in inner-city los angeles and despite it's suburban sprawl and horrific traffic i have a very real dedication to the city of angels.

there is something about the grunge of the city and the constant soundtrack of urban music that undoes me. i have yet to meet a dj who can hold a candle to the magical mixing sound power of the LA streets. the bass beats of hip hop mingle with the traffic's ebbing and flowing rumble and squeak. above the background's steady rumble pigeons cry, sirens sing, and languages flow out, consonants slapping long vowels creating a strange sort of harmony. it is the sound of diaspora and it is dizzying. it is addicting.

coming out of the noise of the city into the flower market was always instantly calming. a friend in college said when he was home and stressed he would go out to puget sound to unwind. i would go to the flower market. it is still bustling and loud, but somehow the colors of the flowers glistening under their early morning dew combines with the bustle to create an orchestral experience. needless to say when i was in the flower district the business of life made sense and i could stand still within the frenzied moment.

i have often thought that some of the city's angels must be the flower vendors with their magical hands, bartering banter, and beaming smiles.

do you have favorite early morning places? well besides for snuggled within the warmth of your covers!



  1. hello becca ann,

    i am new to your blog. it looks like you literally just started it. i am so excited for your future posts. i follow naturally nina religiously and i believe that i will love your blog. i am sittting in a cubicle counting down the hours already and you just took my mind and soul to LA. thank you ducky!

  2. I love Nina or Naturally Nina and I saw she followed this blog. I am glad you are blogging. You write like the wind. I would love to see more posts about places you have visited. You draw a strong picture


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