Monday, July 26, 2010

le sigh

this weekend i put on my traveling shoes and went on vacation. last night i flew back into denver. i was in one of my favorite cities in the world visiting some of my favorite people in the world with my guy. i was a little worried that i would not want to come back. i miss the light of this city and its architecture. i miss its people and my people contained within its borders.

it was a pleasant surprise to find myself only a bit teary flying home thinking "well that was lovely, but i'm happy to going home." it's amazing when you wake up one day and realize that you have developed a new home and there is space enough in your heart and mind to hold both new and old.

le sigh. now i will nap and attempt to sort through my once organized clothing drawers. more to come on vacation photos soon!


  1. You picked the perfect city as one of your favorites (well, I've lived in/near it all my life, so I'm biased).

  2. What great cities. Reminds us we can be from many places


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