Sunday, July 11, 2010

snogging and the like

the wind if blowing, the rain is falling, the heat is rising up from the pavement inflating my skirt. it is a colorado afternoon.

i spent my morning at the denver botanical gardens, which is one of the lovelier gardens i have ever visited. it is full of fragrance, color, texture, and today it held the vows of many young couples.

a few of the smaller gardens were closed and housing weddings. i peeked through gnarly bonsai like tree to spy on a lovely wedding of a man and a woman. each member of the couple said their vows and then their young daughter also said vows to her parents.

my favorite line:

mommy and daddy, i promise to help with dinner. i promise to love you and let you love me even when i am angry at you.

photocredit: {eric cousineau}

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