Tuesday, July 20, 2010

simplicity, embrace me

hello all,

i write from my kitchen table as the sound of rain pitter patters the deck. we are in the midst of a magnificent and much appreciated summer thunder storm.

i've been thinking a lot about simplicity recently. how hard is it be just live a simple life? i think ideally it would be easy.

clear the physical, mental, and emotional clutter. grow, appreciate, sustain, learn, and love. i'm going to try and live more simply. not that i lead an extravagant life by any means, but i would like to intentionally spend more time just being still and doing simple projects.

for example, i am enamored of this butter churner. how nice to make your own butter. better yet how amazing would it be to milk the cows contributing to this thick delicious spread. i recognize it's a utopian fantasy and that the minute i actually had to churn butter i would grow weary of it and head down to safeway. the churner would probably turn into a vase or some receptacle for lentils. ah fantasies. i am much enamored of milk maids.

do any of you struggle to live simply?


your very own aspiring dairy queen

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