Thursday, July 29, 2010

indulge yourself: biscuits and gravy

this is not a healthy recipe. let me repeat, run quickly away from me this morning if you're seeking fiber, antioxidants, or anything to do with the acai berry.

run. but stay if you like butter. take your boots off if you like sausage. stretch out on the couch if you like breakfast sandwiches and make yourself part of the family if you like to pour gravy all over it.

so these biscuits are simple:

take a roll of hot pork sausage. slice it into thin circular pies. add salt and pepper.

melt a little oil in a pan. throw the patties in the pan. cook until brown.

while browning meat take a roll of biscuits (grands, pillsbury) and put them in the oven. drizzle honey on the top of them before cooking. don't judge yourself too harshly for using store bought biscuits. let's face it they're damn good.

put patties away to cool a bit. use the meat residue and oil left in the pan. keep it on medium heat and add pepper, salt, and two tablespoons of flour. after about a minute the consistency should be thick. add a splash of milk and keep stirring until the gravy darkens in color.

take the biscuits, the sausage, and the gravy and do what you must with the delicious mess.

inspirationphotocredit: {reedrummond}


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