Friday, July 23, 2010

the problem with hipster babies

today i am appreciating hipster babies. these minuscule representations of their parents are pretty darn adorable eating their ice cream cones and playing with their hand carved toys.

i do wonder though, how will these children ever surpass the stylishness of their toddler existence? is it possible? upon hitting puberty will this yippie generation reject the urban boho vibe of their parents? will they instead opt for studded jean jackets, oversized t-shirts with wildlife prints, and tommy bahama shorts?

will they frequent walmart instead of the local thrift shop? are the hipsters breeding a generation of children that will in their teenage years turn the tables and embrace the corporate, the tacky, or even worse valley girl chic?

i guess we'll have to see. for now at least, they are adorable in their bamboo fabric shirts and skinny jeans with badonkadonk design spacious enough for their earth baby compostable diapers.

oh hipster babies. you've won me over.

photocredit: {kittysanchez}


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