Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Cup 2012

yesterday one of my closest friends in denver moved with her new hubby to the east coast. i'm happy she'll be in the fall new england glory, but i'm going to miss her a lot. at her going away sleep over she brought up a most excellent idea that i will share here as i think that many people should adopt the idea of the halloween cup. the concept and origin are listed below:
why: my friend for one of her going away gifts got a large trophy that reads, "best halloween costume". she loves dressing up. it was fitting and generally awesome. something has to be done with it.
what/when: the idea is that there will be an annual get together on the weekend closest to halloween to compete for this trophy among our friends. the inaugural cup will begin in 2012. i am very excited. perhaps unreasonably excited. note the fervor with which my friends and i embrace dressing up below (and above).
where: each year the party will be thrown by the person who won the cup the year before. next year it will be at my friends house in Connecticut. then whoever wins it hosts the next party.
how: how will i contain myself until next halloween? unanswered question....

do you have fun holiday traditions?

photos: jedi ballerina and retro virus (had to be there), not quite sure...any occasion to wear that gold skirt, nymphs for beltane...yes beltane, tuesday dinner in college, rainbow bright, because it's always a good idea to dress up and sing on tables, the cook crew at sierra camp 2006.


  1. This is a brilliant, brilliant idea. My favorite photo above is the one with you as a bumblebee sailor. Truly, the highest density of those-I-adore.

    Hope all's well!

  2. :) haha matt...yes the bumble sailor costume..a solid one. our people would rock the halloween cup.

  3. "our people would rock the halloween cup"? All people are now our people, as far as the Cup is concerned:) One love, as always...the more the merrier. I'm already recruiting a base of followers here in CT, I can barely stand the wait!

  4. i agree love...all people indeed. i cannot wait to meet the brethren that will gather for this most awesome of tamra ideas.


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