Wednesday, April 6, 2011

patience and pork

well hello blogosphere. it's been a while. perhaps we should have titled this post "naughty bloger number we're not counting anymore because it's been too many times".

my kitchen is all a flury. upon arriving home from a dinner date with a dear friend i began preparing to make pork tenderloin in the slow cooker. there is a back story as is true with any recipe worth making.

pork and i have a tenuous relationship. i like to think that i abhor pork. i write off my love of bacon and sausage as mere flukes. however, there is a recipe that i found recently embedded in the pages of a used book that lives on a particularly disorganized bookshelf titled "great literature" in a particularly eccentric book shop near my house. the book perported to be about the history of early denver, but was mostly about buffalo bill and the controversy over his gravesite. oh joy.

the book's main secret was this recipe. it was written on old paper by hand and was barely legible. it called for a boiling pot, but i interpreted that to mean a slow cooker. i have set out to recreate the recipe tonight. somehow i think that when i eat it tomorrow with friends we will step into a trance like food coma portal and come to understand a world in which books about buffalo bill's gravesite are high literature. needless to say i cannot wait.

hopefully the slow cooker will melt the pork into submission. i do not have the patience or time for tough meat.

i will report back tomorrow on the success of the dish and whether it is as delightful an experience as the finding of its recipe card was.

here's wishing you a wonderful night and one that hopefully includes old books, good friends, and a slow cooker.

photocredit: {ree drummon}


  1. you're posts are so funny and well written. report back on the pork.

  2. Sounds so magical! Can't wait to read how it turns out.


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