Thursday, February 3, 2011

for the love of elephant seals among other things

hello duckies,

for those of you east of the rocky mountains i hope you are staying warm and inside away from the storm.

as anyone who has read this blog probably has gleaned: i really like ruminating on the concept of place. i love getting to know the places i'm in and exploring it's various seasonal and cultural offerings.

i have fallen for the city of denver and the state of colorado.this was a surprise. i came here thinking that i would enjoy it, but long constantly and consistently for california. this has pleasantly not been the case.

however some days i really miss my first love: california. i miss the colors and sounds of la and the way that light filters in across the san francisco bay. i miss my friends and communities in ca. i miss that the worst weather i might encounter would be a 40 degree rainy day.

maybe more than anything (after my people), i miss the ocean. i'm an ocean lady. it's just that simple. today on my drive home in the slush and snow i thought of how the oceanwould always calm my nerves. i channeled the blustery northern california beach and pressed on feeling revived.

tonight i miss california something awful. i'm a touch ridiculous. it's like i'm greiving a past lover. i'm in colorado and loving it, but days like this remind me that i'm of california, made of sand, light, water, city, salt, poppies, eucalyptus, long coastal drives, and raspados...le sigh.

in my unfolding romance with place california, you take the cake.

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  1. i always love reading your blog. it's as if you just jump right off the page.


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