Sunday, September 26, 2010

West Virginia, on my mind

hi all,

so as a disclaimer, i love sports movies. i'm not sure why, but a good sports movie gets me everytime. i'm not saying i don't love a good romantic comedy, but when i really want to indulge and need a crying night i turn on a rise from the ashes sports saga...

tonight i watched We Are Marshall. it is the story of the 1970 Marshall University Football team that died in a plane crash. needless to say, it's heartbreaking, but i found its portrayal of ptsd, community grief, and hope compelling. it is a true story and i loved it.

there we go. i'm a sappy sports gal. it's just reality. we can't do anything about it.

the movie made me want to visit west virginia. i forget that west virginia is called the playground of the southeast.

i hope someday i get to revel in this southern beauty.

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