Wednesday, September 22, 2010

shimmer me timbers

fall is here. the aspens are turning to gold. they shimmer and quake rhythmically. it's as if all the little anxious trees shaking from fear of winter found each other and discovered some peace in their vocal harmony. it's the colorful song of autumn.

i like to stand under the trees and imagine the world saying, "here is this gift. change seems scary and you've had so much of it this year, but look in the most transitional of seasons i'm bringing you this remarkable show of beauty."

in our ever pivoting existence i'm glad that fall is beautiful. change makes me shake and quake like an aspen and i find an undeniable sense of community in the shared experiences of all my fellow aspen trees making their shocking and inevitable movement from one season to the next...

so good night world. here is to autumnal gold.


  1. simple and true words. nice post and beautiful photos:the trees and you

  2. Love the Photos. It's a lovely Blog you have here.
    Thanks for the comment on my newest Post.
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles :)
    Ps: I would be glad if you want to follow my Blog.

  3. Thanks Alice! I will check it out :)


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