Sunday, August 1, 2010

mid year check in

it is not the new years, but given we've just finished the steamy month of july i'm thinking that i'd like to commit to some basic concepts in the next six months and it helps to put them in writing. let's see how i do...

1. do something active everyday.
2. eat more vegetables and bake more pie.
3. conquer my debt/money phobias methodically.
4. make art weekly.
5. go swimming more.
6. organize my grad school process.
7. Practice this.
8. practice photography and writing.

ready, set, go!!!

what are your mid-year goals?



  1. ooh. my goals are similar. good ones. post pie pics!

  2. i should make a list. btw, this blog is fab. all you need is some more bling on the page and you'll be set!

  3. At the beginning of the year, my goals were noble. Mid-year they are threefold:

    1. Survive
    2. Continue smiling
    3. Win at life 80% of the time

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