Monday, June 21, 2010

oops it's june

hello all,

i've been quite mia this spring. apologies. it's been a whirlwind season of friendship, food, idea generating at the workplace, healing, and a touch of love. i have been undergoing some health issues of late and it's affirming for me all my wisdom guru people have been sharing for years:

it's okay to slow down, being sick can make you understand your body in a more profound way, being quiet is important sometimes, flowers are restorative in every season, people fuel my soul, and an eternal piece of wisdom: honey is medicine.

it is now summer. it is the longest day of they year and i am so excited to eat pasta, drink cold water, and watch the sun set.

hope everyone is in proximity to something interesting or beautiful at this very moment.

photocredit: {Yolshin}


  1. May nothing ail you! Glad to see you post again.

    Hope all's well...


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