Saturday, April 24, 2010

love story

sometimes when i am spending saturday night at home i like to play some turtle island string quartet and have a nice cold beer. i open my journal, sketch book, or blog page and begin dreaming. there is something very nice about saturday nights spent inside. i conjure up travel plans, book writing project plans, and think about all the adventures that i may or may not have some day.

tonight i'm thinking about a project a coworker and i want to do about families that live in low income motels. i am wondering what it is like for a child to grow up in a motel community with all of the unique experiences and hardships that such a living environment provides.

i am thinking about how much i admire many of the children we work with and how they walk through the hardest of circumstances with such resilience and creativity.

i would certainly like to be that brave.

photocredit: {jacksonville}

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