Thursday, February 25, 2010

season of the sweater

so tomorrow i'm taking a mini-trip after work to the mountains. i am going deep into the mountains. the town i'm traveling to is colder than any other US city outside of Alaska. i'm excited and i'm nervous because for me growing up a cardigan was considered proper winter attire. the friend that is taking me told me to bring my warmest clothing. i held myself back and didn't say, so you mean i should bring plaid cotton throw over sweatershirt that i got at forever 21 for 6 bucks. warmest piece of clothing. i have scrambled and borrowed. i shall look like a raggamuffin quilt for my weekend away.

i'm so excited as taking trips is potentially my favorite thing to do. i'll keep you posted and put up pictures later this weekend...

photocredit: {melissamaple}

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